Featured Project: Go West! Map

Our featured project, undertaken by Professor Andrew Spicer and Dr. Steve Presence is a longitudinal study of Bristol’s film and TV industries, mapping expansion between 2017 and 2022. Use the slider and key to view how the sector has changed and grown.

Bristol’s Film and TV Industries: 2017 / 2022

This map gives a detailed visualisation of some of the dynamic changes within Bristol’s screen industries over the course of our longitudinal study. It shows how:

  • Bristol’s screen industries are experiencing rapid growth
  • a small but growing group of new drama producers is now operating in the region
  • the long-established specialisms in natural history and animation remain the region’s principal strengths
  • creative clustering has evolved and adapted since Bristol was awarded UNESCO City of Film status in 2017.

The map gives a snapshot of media companies operating in premises in Bristol at the time of the surveys. To put this expansion in proper context, and to explore the many other issues touched on through the study, download the reports for more detail: Go West! and Go West! 2